Privacy Policy

Florist Gump is committed to the protection of personal information in compliance with National and International Privacy laws and in particular the Australian Privacy Amendment Act 2001. Florist Gump will maintain the integrity of data collection, use and disclosure, accuracy, security, and openness.

Florist Gump respects your concerns regarding privacy when using the internet and your requirement for a secure shopping experience. Florsit Gump has created this statement to demonstrate our commitment to privacy.

The information we gather from our users allows us to personalize and continually improve our internet sites to provide you with the easiest and most satisfying shopping experience possible. The following sets out why we collect information, what information we collect, and how it is used. The privacy policy is an integral part of the Terms & conditions of using Florist Gump's website, and by agreeing to those terms and conditions you are agreeing with the Privacy Policy.

Why does Florist Gump gather information about our shoppers?

Florist Gump pride’s itself on consistently offering our customers, members and users excellent customer service and the highest quality products. We gather personal information to enhance our service and provide the best interactive experience for our customers, to inform you & your recipients of special offers and discounts, and to send reminders of special occasions.

Facebook Data for Website Login

When you use Facebook to register with our website we will store your Facebook UDID, email address and name.  When you use Facebook to login to our website we match your email address provided by Facenook and match this with the registered email address in our database.

Data Removal

If you wish to have your data removed you can unsubscribe from our website using the member login or you may contact us at and we will remove the data.